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Inefficiencies in compressed air and

pneumatic systems waste valuable

resources and can equate to significant

amounts. At MH Pneumatics we work with

our clients providing products and systems

to help identify inefficiencies and reduce

losses through heat or leakage.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Like all systems, Compressed Air Systems

can become inefficient costing you time

and money. Our Efficiency Audit will show

how effectively your Compressed Air

System is working.

There may be many reasons why your

system may not be running at optimum

efficiency and we can identify the problems

and give you practical solutions on how it

can be improved

Recover the excess heat

in your compressor

Approximately 10% of all electricity used in

industry is accounted for by compressed

air systems. It is a thermodynamic fact that

around 95% of this energy is converted to

heat and is wasted into the atmosphere

through heat dissipated by the motor and

cooling system.

CompAir’s Heat Exchangers give you the

opportunity to recover approximately 80%

of your energy and are available as either

factory fit or retrofit kit.

Reduce air leakage by 30%

Steel compressed air pipe systems

become corroded over time and can result

in losses of up to 30% through leakage.

MH Pneumatics are distributors for Transair

aluminium air main systems, an innovative

and efficient solution that will improve the

performance of your pipework.



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