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If your existing compressed air pipe

systems are steel, you could be losing up

to 30% leakage through pipe corrosion.

The inner surface of galvanised steel pipe

gradually corrodes in contact with the

water that is in compressed air and those

can cause leaks that are wasting your

valuable compressed air.

With compressed air typically representing

10% of industrial energy costs, optimising

and controlling its production and use is an

opportunity to make immediate energy


After a 10 year period, the cost of energy

consumed exceeds the initial cost of

equipment and installation and improving a

pipework system can give a potential cost

saving of 34%.

Saving money,

increasing efficiency

MH Pneumatics are distributors for Transair

Aluminium air main system, an innovative

and efficient solution that will improve the

performance of your pipework. The

aluminium constriction of Transair prevents

corrosion and ensures a constant flow of

quality compressed air. From the

compressor to point of use, Trainsair

pipework systems give higher longevity of

equipment and reduce the frequency of

changing of filter elements.

We offer a full design and installation

service or can supply for customers own

installation. We carry a large stock of

Transair fittings and tube including elbows,

tees, connectors, ball valves, venting ball

valves, reducers, BSP stems, BSP studs

and brackets.




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